Young Investor Program

Young Investor Program

Exclusively for adults ages 18-25 years

If you’re a young investor 18-25 years old and REALLY want to take part in the Investor Summit™…

The Real Estate Guys™ believe it’s important to help young people explore and develop their potential as investors and entrepreneurs.

The Investor Summit™ can play an important role in exposing you to life-changing ideas, encouragement, and relationships.

It’s one thing to read books, watch videos, or listen to podcasts. It’s another to have face-to-face personal conversations with world-renowned thought leaders, best-selling authors, highly successful entrepreneurs and investors … over the course of over an entire week together!

If you’ve been on the Summit, you know exactly what we’re talking about. It’s a RARE OPPORTUNITY very few young people ever get.

But part of why the Investor Summit™ has so many highly successful people is because it’s expensive. Sadly, the expense prevents many young investors from participating.

Our Young Investor Program is designed to make the Investor Summit™ experience more accessible to young investors.

We’ve reserved up to 20 seats at our next Investor Summit™ … just for young investors 18 to 25 years old.

You MUST be 18-25 years old at the time you register. We see your birth date on your passport, so no shenanigans please.

We’re slashing our lowest regular full-fare adult registration price to just $2500, which includes the FULL Investor Summit™ program … in a double occupancy Lower Keeping Suite. If you want your own room (single occupancy), registration is only $3500 per person in a Garden Cottage.

While the accommodations are nice, you won’t spend much time in your hotel room. Your days and nights will be full of educational sessions, round-table discussions, panels, private receptions, and life-changing conversations with our all-star faculty and hundreds of very successful investors from around the world.

You’ll probably learn more about investing, entrepreneurship and success in just ONE week … than most young people learn in five or ten years.

Plus, you’ll have a ton of fun. But although we have several private parties, this is NOT a party trip.

The Investor Summit™ Young Investor Program is about helping young people who are serious about meeting successful people and making a good impression. You never know what doors may open for you.

Here’s what is and isn’t included…

Your Summit registration does not include airfare to and from Belize … or incidentals and excursions at the resort.

Your registration DOES include your hotel room, all but a few meals, taxes, tips, and all Summit sessions except the optional shore excursions.

Investing in yourself

We realize $2500 plus travel and incidentals is still a chunk of change for a young person. And it needs to be.

It’s important you’re invested in yourself. It’s one of the first things you’ll learn about successful people. They invest in their own education and relationships… throughout their entire lives.

When you become an investor or entrepreneur, you’re constantly investing money in research (learning) and promotion (connecting to more people). This is no different.

Robert Kiyosaki says your first and most important investment is in your education.

This isn’t a new idea. Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in education pays the best interest.”

We’re not talking just college. Benjamin Franklin was a lifelong learner … as are all the rest of our Investor Summit™ faculty and attendees.

When you have your own financial skin in the game, you’ll show up and pay attention. You’ll strive to understand and apply what you’re hearing. You’ll be serious about your success.

Help if you need it…

But what if you honestly just don’t have the money right now?

You have some options…

Find a sponsor or sponsors. Many older successful people realize the need to invest in the leaders of tomorrow. We do. That’s why we’ve slashed the price to below actual cost.

Think about the people you know and ask if they’d be willing to help you. Hint: It’s not only good for you to invest some of your own money for all the reasons we’ve discussed… but it also makes a good impression on a prospective sponsor.

Find some successful people to come with you on the Summit. For every full fare adult, you recruit, we’ll donate $300 to your scholarship fund. Just tell them to mention your name when they register. So at $600 per couple, just two couples will get you almost halfway there.

Apply for a full or partial scholarship with us. We’ve set up a scholarship fund to help deserving young investors (25 years old or younger) attend the 2023 Investor Summit™.

Click here to learn more about applying for scholarship funds.

So there are ways to fund your Summit experience … if you REALLY want to attend. But it’s going to take an investment of your time, money, and effort.

You’ll have to put yourself out there. You might get rejected a few times. But if you keep going, you’ll probably find a way. Just like real world investing and entrepreneurship.

And really … think about what it costs to attend just a semester of college where you learn from books and network with people who haven’t made it yet. Or for about the same amount, you can learn from real-world masters and network with well over a hundred successful investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

We think it’s a no-brainer and wish this was available when we were pups. But it doesn’t matter what we think or do. What matters is what you decide to do.

The Real Estate Guys

Young Investor Program

Exclusively for adults ages 18-25 years