The Value of Your Summit Number

The Value of Your Summit Number

There are LOTS of reasons to register for the Summit just as SOON as you’ve made up your mind to go …

  • You get the best selection of the remaining rooms at the resort.  Rooms are being assigned everyday.  Obviously, the best ones go first.  So the SOONER you sign up, the sooner we can book you into the best available room.

  • You can book better airfare.  If you’re a frequent flyer you know the earlier you book, typically the better the rate.  When you register for the Summit early, you’ll have lots of time to shop for a great airfare deal.

  • PLENTY of time to prepare – organizing your work or business to be away for a week and … getting into bathing suit shape!  Some of you don’t need to do much.  Guys like us, well … okay, we gave up a long time ago.


But one of the MOST IMPORTANT reasons to register right away is to get the LOWEST Summit number possible

What’s a Summit number? 

Glad you asked!

Every person who registers is assigned a Summit number.  The first person gets a “1”, the next person a “2”, the next person a “3”.  It’s very sophisticated.

But the REAL value of a low Summit number is PRIORITY ACCESS to optional events like the educational shore excursion and annual Cashflow game.

And when there’s limited access to a popular session, like a roundtable discussion group or special dinner seating with faculty, assignments are done by Summit number.  This is more fair than seeing who can run the fastest to the registration table.

Of course, we make every effort to accommodate everyone, and we usually do.  But sometimes that Summit number is REALLY important.  And if you need it, you’ll be glad you have it!

We’re not trying to rush you.  We just want to make sure you have all the information to make a good decision.  By the end of your first Summit, you’ll know why there’s always a big rush to register for the next year and claim one of those coveted single digit Summit numbers.

So think about it … for a few minutes … then hurry up and get signed up …

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