The Investor Summit on Sand™ is MUCH more than just a vacation …

The Investor Summit on Sand™ is great because you get:

  • An education
  • vacation (well, sort of…we go pretty hard!)
  • An investment planning retreat – an entire week focused on your life as an investor
  • An opportunity to build strategic relationships with the faculty and fellow investors

And if you bring your spouse and children, you get some family time too. What a deal!

But to think of the Summit as simply a vacation is to miss the whole point of the event.

Most investment conferences take place in a boring hotel.  You’ve probably been to a few of those.  We have too. They’re fun, we learn a lot, and we meet some people.  That’s why we go.

But most of the time they’re in hotels that we probably wouldn’t go out of our way to stay at again.  Okay, we’d probably go back to a few of the hotels in Las Vegas. 😉

The point is that the hotel is not really the major feature in the experience, so people happily pay for the conference and rent the hotel room because they have to.  It never occurs to them to think the cost of the hotel room includes the conference.

But for some reason, because the Summit takes place primarily in a resort, every year we get folks who are happy to pay for the vacation, and want to be admitted to the Summit for free.

We know it makes no sense, but it always comes up, which is why we’re addressing it.

Think of the Summit this way: You’re paying for the conference (the Summit) and we’re paying for your resort (and breakfast), your transportation from the hotel on land to the port, your entire itinerary (including tips, taxes, porterage), and tossing in some private hosted parties.

PLUS, we’re working hard year round to recruit a world-class faculty and hundreds of high-quality investors and entrepreneurs all together for a wonderful week of learning, networking, and fun (and exclusive) activities.  All that costs a LOT.

A quality event with great speakers, lots of networking, and fun activities that keep the group together is the value of the Summit.  The resort is just one of the MANY components of cost. And since 2002, our guests tell us time and again the Summit is a fantastic value.

We think so and trust you will too!