The 19th Annual Investor Summit™
June 6 - 14, 2023 / Luxury Resort / Fabulous Faculty
The 21st Annual Investor Summit™
Get ready for an amazing week of FUN, SUN, EDUCATION and NETWORKING
with some of the biggest brains in real estate, investing, economics, wealth building, and entrepreneurship!!!





AMAZING week of 

Get ready for an

Join us in 2021!
Join us in 2023!

World-Class Faculty

Experts in investing, economics, real estate, precious metals, energy, and entrepreneurship are coming together for more than a week to talk about the challenges and opportunities facing investors in a rapidly changing world!

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Up Close & Personal

Fortunes will be made … and lost … depending on what you know, who you’re connected to, how well you’re prepared … and what you DO as events unfold. Now … more than ever … this is your chance to get in on crucial and timely conversations!

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Who Should Attend?

The Summit attracts highly successful investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Everyone is interacting, talking, listening, learning, laughing, and forming friendships. It’s like summer camp for investors. There’s nothing like it.

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Countdown to The 2023 Investor Summit™




Make your way to Beautiful Belize on Tuesday, June 6th, 2023 and spend 7 full days
learning, playing and networking until we pack up and go home on Wednesday, June 14th, 2023
Day 1
6 Jun 2023
Day 2-8
7-13 Jun 2023
Day 9
14 Jun 2023

Make Your Way to Beautiful Belize

Yes, we know the Summit doesn’t officially start until Wednesday. But we start EARLY… and you won’t want to miss a minute. So PLEASE … arrive in Ambergris Caye, Belize by late afternoon Tuesday … and get checked into the Resort (we’ll send you all the details once you’re registered).

Your Summit registration INCLUDES your hotel room arriving Tuesday, June 6th and checking out on Wednesday, June 14th. Tuition is based on the accommodation type you select. The resort is offering a great rate if you’d like to stay longer, so when you register, let us know if you plan to stay a few extra days to explore Belize or the surrounding areas.

Summit check-in is open 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm … and then you’ll have a chance to tool around the resort and get the lay of the land. Dinner is on your own, and be sure to get to bed early so you can get well rested and ready for …


Lots of Learning and Fun …

We kick off the week with a hosted breakfast, followed by a FULL day of educational sessions, including a working Lunch. At the first of the class sessions you’ll get the complete schedule for the week, and meet our world-class Faculty up close and personal. Then just when you think your brain and butt can’t handle any more …

… we all get together and have a fun-filled Welcome Reception!

The Welcome Reception is your first of MANY opportunities to meet, mingle and imbibe with the faculty and your fellow Summiteers.

And if you’re shy … that’s okay. No one will know. So you can just pretend you aren’t … and make LOTS of new friends.

Following the reception, find your reserved seat for our first Summiteer Dinner.

Now Dinner is always one of the highlights of the Summit, as it’s your opportunity to meet and mingle with NEW people and, of course, our illustrious faculty. Each night, you’ll have assigned seating and we change your seating assignment EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. So you rarely sit in the same place or with the same people twice. Of course, if you’re attending with your spouse and/or family, we’ll keep you together. Other than that, we’re forcing you to make new friends. And you’ll thank us for it.

The goal is to help you meet and get into quality conversations with as many of your fellow Summiteers and faculty as possible. No wallflowers on this Summit! Like Cheers (if you’re old enough to remember the old TV show) … by the end of the Summit, everyone will know your name.

After dinner, it will be the first of many nights of special Summit Entertainment.

Of course, you’ll be VERY tempted to stay up late and talk the night away with your new best buds … but PACE YOURSELF … because there’s a WHOLE LOT MORE coming in the days ahead … continuing with …

The week will be filled with classroom learning, lots of networking and socializing, incredible dinners and views … plus evening parties with live music and dancing!


Pack up and go home…or stay a few more days and hang out!

With the Summit officially wrapped up, we expect many Summiteers to slowly and sadly make their way to breakfast with their bags, ready to head back home.

And like high school graduation, we say goodbye until our next reunion. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait 5 years to see each other again because before we’re off the ship, we’ll announce the details of our 2024 Summit, and give our 2023 Summiteers the first chance to sign up!

Though there isn’t anything formal scheduled, most of us try to see each other one last time in the dining area, then we say our sad goodbyes and head to the airport.

But Summiteers can choose to keep the party going! Many of us will be hanging out at the resort a few extra days to relax, continue the great conversations and new friendships, and explore Belize some more.

The Summit is certainly a blast…but not what most people consider “restful”, so here’s your chance to let down your hair and spend a day or three more in this island paradise.

The resort is offering a special discounted rate for extra nights, and we may even have a few more group activities in the works!



With all this said (and we said a lot!), our itinerary is always subject to change. We obviously have no control over things like the weather, so it’s important to stay…flexible.

As far as our class schedules go, the faculty works on their presentations in the two weeks just prior to the Summit so the content is always fresh, current and dynamic. But that also means it’s subject to change … and we have no idea what they’re going to present.

So please don’t call and ask for an agenda. We don’t have one, except to put a bunch of really smart people in a room to talk about what’s happening in the world and what investors need to know and do about it.

In 20 years, we’ve NEVER had anyone tell us they were disappointed!

The testimonials really say it all. Our goal is to deliver another world-class and potentially life-changing event … and then add YOU to our LONG list of thrilled Summiteers!

So what are you waiting for?!? Get your spot reserved!!



Beautiful Belize Resort
We’ll send you all the details once you’re registered
1-888-489-7723 x 1

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